Go Team Flourish



This is a photo from last year, off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, when I conquered my big fear of the deep blue and got to swim with the whales!



I want to THANK ALL OF YOU – for your help, aid, creativity, follow-through, mutual love, respect and support. Thank you for sharing your skills and energy to make this event happen.

I am extremely proud of of us. WE DID IT ! We made a beautiful space for our guests (Cathy, Brad and Shelly) and so much was gained from their presentations and contribution to our vision.  The building is a completely transformed place. It feels like a true gem now, with all the artwork on the walls, all the pretty details . . . I am finally ready to invite others into my sacred space, into my dream.

I am tired and emotional, and in many ways, disconnected and almost broken now that the wave has crested.  I can imagine and I can see it on your faces, what a beginning this must feel like for some of you . . . So full of opportunity, possibility, a place to play, to work, to joyfully explore your precious energy . . .

For me, however. It is a bit of an ending here.  A season has turned.  For me, this was bigger than any of you will ever know . . . bigger than I could ever tell you . . . I can’t explain to you how my life will never be the same, how there is no looking back, or how grateful I am that I was not allowed to give up on this dream.

We are working in an uncommon way as a team, and although our playbook already intuitively exists, it remains unwritten. It will not always be easy and we may not always have each other, but for now, we do. So I promise to be authentic, honest . . .

I promise to work hard and not give up on myself or the dream or you or them.