Love In A Mist

nigella - love in a mist


Even though the leaves are falling, it feels like Spring at Flourish in Olympia.

Yesterday I met with Christie Tran, owner of Olyphant and Christine Malek, owner of Gallery Boom.  Gallery Boom is opening at its new location on Legion way just in time for Fall Arts Walk. It’s going to be an Arts Walk Debut for both our new galleries.  Flourish in Olympia will be debuting several artists including professional photographer, Heather Schofner and Illustrator, Cullen Balch.

Flourish has 365+ photographs and over 200 Stunning hand-drawn Mandalas  We’ve got Charles Willyard’s newest watercolor pencil drawings. Hildi Flores is going to blow your mind with her fashion !  And even I’m going to show you what I’ve got.  Toot toot.

It’s kind of UmmmmMAZING.

But what’s even more amazing is everything that’s coming together here… and there.  I have never put my trust into the universe in the way I have with Flourish.  It’s taken me for a ride but it’s game time, and I am thrilled about this team – BubbleGunk and Raveology101, Get Outside Olympia and Full Circle . . . . .

I am sooooooo loving seeing other Downtown businesses thriving;  Dillinger’s and The Little General expanding, and Pantry coming in by the transit center.

It truly is time to thrive and Flourish !  Please support us, and help to create a vibrant local economy, right down to the Downtown Core.

Thanks for joining in the fun !

Stay tuned and stay buzzed people.

                                                                   – Ruthwhale-of-a-day





p.s. that flower is Nigella Damascena, aka, Love in a Mist.